Published: March 7, 2020 by lukemakin |  estimated reading time: 6 minutes
After a while know I publsih a new article related to a video tutorial on my new youtube channel. Here you will find the entire code to the simple Tic Tac Toe game written in  Object Oriented Programming in Python. The explenations are presented in the link below:

>> Link to the youtube video

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The code for the game class:

import numpy as np

class Game:
def __init__(self):
self.cells = np.array(["" for x in range(9)])
self.turn = 0
self.symbols = ['O', 'X']
self.running = False

def display(self):
print("{} | {} | {}".format(self.cells[0], self.cells[1], self.cells[2]))
print("{} | {} | {}".format(self.cells[3], self.cells[4], self.cells[5]))
print("{} | {} | {}".format(self.cells[6], self.cells[7], self.cells[8]))

def get_player_turn(self):
if self.turn % 2 == 0:
return self.symbols[0]
return self.symbols[1]

def check_playable_field(self, cell_number):
allowed = np.where(self.cells == "")
allowed = np.array(allowed)
if cell_number in allowed:
return True
return False

def update_cell_and_turn(self, cell_number, symbol):
self.cells[cell_number] = symbol
self.turn += 1

def is_winner(self, symbol):
for wc in win_combinations:
if self.cells[wc[0]] == symbol and self.cells[wc[1]] == symbol and self.cells[wc[2]] == symbol:
return True
return False

def reset(self):
self.cells = np.array(["" for x in range(9)])
self.turn = 0

In the extras section (after loing in) you can get the code with the game loop.

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