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Encapsulation in python

Encapsulation is one of the fundamental rules of thumb in object oriented programming approach. It allows restricting access to methods and attributes and prevents the data being modified by accident. In …

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Python data structures part3: tuples

The 3rd part of series on Python data structures is here. After looking into lists and dictionaries, it's time to cover tuples which are immutable and ordered, as well as …

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Python magic (dunder) methods made easy

In this one we'll go trough an example on some of the weird looking methods with double underscores in front and back of the name, know as dunder methods. First thing you …

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Basic data visualization with Seaborn

In this one will discover the basics of Seaborn library, which enables statistical data visualization in a beautiful form. With the use of build-in database to seaborn ("tips") we will explore …

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Python data structures part2: dictionaries

Welcome to the second part of series on Python data structures. In this one we'll take a glance at dictionaries and methods associated to them. As a reminder, the first part …

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