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Factory design pattern on a combat game example

Factory design pattern is responsible for the creation of new objects without specifying particular classes. The concept is to create a seperate static method (we will call ours simply "factory"), …

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Python data structures part 4: sets & frozensets

This is the 4th and final part of python data structure series which will cover sets and frozensets. Sets are unordered data collections, that take only unique values. The difference …

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Django inline formset explained with example

In this article we will create a simple form allowing particular user to add/modify/delete skills with rating in scale 1 to 5 in one view. To achieve this result, inline …

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Random code generator in django part 2

Last time we finished on creating file with our random_code() function and we have created a model in the database. The link to the first part of the article: 

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Error handling in Python

Python code stops running immediately after it occures an error. To be more specific - what prevents the code from further execution is either a SyntaxError or an Exception. In this …

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