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Like Button in Django & Django Rest Framework with React

Learn how to create a 'like button' functionality with counter in 3 parts:
1) Using only Django with semantic UI styling
 - basic implementation with the use of …

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Social Network Project in Django

The entire course is FREE and new videos are uploaded to youtube every 1-3 days. All together the course consists of over 10 hours of video material dedicated mainly to …

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How to create a tic Tac Toe game in Python

After a while know I publsih a new article related to a video tutorial on my new youtube channel. Here you will find the entire code to the simple Tic …

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How to create charts in django with chart js

Hi Guys,
This article is related to the follow along video tutorial on youtube. Below please find the link to youtube & base.html file to our django projects. Also …

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5 Python tips and tricks

In this article we will present 5 convenient ways to write better code in Python. We'll discuss each one of them with examples at the same time trying to provide …

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