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5 Python tips and tricks

In this article we will present 5 convenient ways to write better code in Python. We'll discuss each one of them with examples at the same time trying to provide …

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How to use args and kwargs

Before we begin, there's someting you need to know - args & kwargs aren't difficult... they just look as they are. So if your face expression resembles the one in …

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Generate PDF Files with Django WeasyPrint

WeasyPrint is an elegant third-party solution for webdevelopers to create PDF files in a easy & convienient way. This library conists of a  rendering engine for HTML files and it's …

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Map, Filter & conditional List Comprehension

While working with lists, we often need to apply some some operations on them, or simply get only the items that meet the given condition. Instead of writing for loops, …

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Factory design pattern on a combat game example

Factory design pattern is responsible for the creation of new objects without specifying particular classes. The concept is to create a seperate static method (we will call ours simply "factory"), …

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